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Light up your brain!
Challenging and fun!

Puzzles that'll light up your brain!

Enjoy hours of problem solving that'll test your logic and creative thinking. Our wide variety of tricky puzzles are not as easy as they look, but you can solve them with ingenuity and common sense. It'll keep you mentally sharp and help you improve analytical skills and creativity. And above all, it'll often bring a smile to your face!
Studies have shown that brain games are quite beneficial for a healthy mind. Thinking in new and novel ways improves brain fitness and abilities such as memory, attention to details and speed. What's more, it's a fun way to spend solitary time and test your skills.
Brain Teasers is ad-free and designed with pleasing graphics. It's interactive - you can draw, scribble, drag items with your finger when you solve puzzles. Get helpful clues before you view the solutions. You can also share these tricky puzzles with your friends and family.
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